The Economist Style Guide

My favourite style guide returns to the web

The Economist Style Guide

The Economist Style Guide

After several months of hibernation, The Economist Style Guide is finally back on-line. Most newspapers and publishing houses have style guides to help their journalists or authors stay consistent when faced with those little choices like whether to use -ise or -ize at the end of verbs like criticise, whether to eliminate the accent in a foreign name or whether to use a Latin or English plural for words like agenda. Some share their guides in book form or on the web: see my collection of style guide links on Pinboard. They serve a useful purpose but, frankly, they are rather boring. But not the Economist Style Guide, which is masterpiece of advice on how to improve your writing. Read it and marvel, or—better still—read it and improve your writing too!


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Peter Brook is one the great theatre directors of the twentieth century. His 1970 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream made theatre history.

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