What is ‘Get Some English’?

Making practice interesting

There are two ways to practice your English. The first is to do the comprehension exercises in your coursebook. This method has the advantage that it has been carefully chosen for your level and it has the corresponding disadvantage of feeling like an exercise. The second way is to read, listen to or watch something that you are interested in, precisely because you are interested in it. Perhaps it is more difficult but it is also more satisfying because it is more real. In the end, this is why you are learning English—to interact with the language that real-life English speakers use.

This second type is the sort of practice that Get Some English aims to provide. It could be an article, a film or video, it might be theatre or something to buy at the news-stand. Sometimes it will be on the web, other times it will be in the real world here in Rome (sorry non-Romans!).

Come back every week to see what I have chosen for you.


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Get some English
Peter Brook at the Teatro Valle Occupato

A great British director in Rome


Peter Brook is one the great theatre directors of the twentieth century. His 1970 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream made theatre history.

On Friday April 12 at 8pm the Teatro Valle Occupato is screening 'The Tightrope', a documentary about Brook by his son, Simon Brook. The film will be followed by a public debate with Peter Brook.

You can book tickets by sending an email to peterbrook.tvo@gmail.com

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