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That's right! Tell me what you think.

You can now leave comments on the individual posts and articles on this site.

It’s all very new, I haven’t decided any details and I haven’t worked on the graphics at all. I still need to work all that out and this post is the first step in that process. So expect some changes in the design.

In the meantime…


This is a wonderful opportunity for you to tell me what you think. Have you been following Tell me the parts you like. What would you like to see on the site?

Big ideas or small, write and let me know.

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  • David

    I forgot to say, comments are moderated.

  • paolo

    L’apertura ai commenti è un passaggio necessario e importante, per aprire un canale di comunicazione tra gli utenti del sito e l’autore. Ovviamente, trovo corretto che i commenti siano moderati. Buona fortuna!

  • victor

    wow !!!
    it is fantastic !!

  • David Nicholson

    You can now use your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. login to leave comments here. It makes it easier for you and more difficult for spammers.

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Peter Brook is one the great theatre directors of the twentieth century. His 1970 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream made theatre history.

On Friday April 12 at 8pm the Teatro Valle Occupato is screening 'The Tightrope', a documentary about Brook by his son, Simon Brook. The film will be followed by a public debate with Peter Brook.

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